I love you my daughter

When I was pregnant with you, my dearest daughter…

My dearest daughter,

When I learned that I was pregnant with you first, many people explained how hard it is to improve a child in today’s climate. I don’t disagree with them. You are not my only child, nevertheless, you are my only lady, which put a little of pressure on me to really get it right.

The second I then found out about you, I began to whisper what to you – things I knew you wouldn’t understand then, things you still may not understand now. I whisper them for you because I want you to learn that you could accomplish anything, no matter who attempts to stand in the right path. I whisper them for you because I know 1 day, after years of most my whispering, these thoughts will become ingrained in the human brain as truth.

“You are strong.”

When I was pregnant with you, your daddy and I were a newly married Army couple residing in Alaska, and I felt lost amid an ocean of strangers. I’d marvel as you relocated in my belly, and I’d whisper, “You are strong.” And your day you were born, we could immediately tell you were just that. You would (but still do) set your brain to things and always continue. We enjoy your strength.

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“Yes, girl!”

Did you know this started as a whisper? It just happened the very first time you sat up, and then again for every milestone after that. Given that you’re a little old, I shout “YES, GIRL!” at an embarrassingly loud volume each time you do something at a gymnastics meet. I know it certainly makes you cringe, but I’d like it to end up being something you hear in mind as you get older. In your adult existence, you will hear “No” much too often. That’s just how it goes. But in the home, inside our nest, you will listen to as much “Yes, woman” encouragement as we are able to possibly provide.

“Mr. and Mrs. Dursley, of number 4 Privet Drive, were proud to say they were flawlessly normal, thank you quite definitely.”

Harry Potter has played such an enormous part in the upbringing of you as well as your baby brothers. You, my young lady, were the first ever to be treated to the whole series – I read them aloud for you as I rocked you in your glider and you drank a bottle. You’d be drowsy but attentive as Hermione bossed those males around and demonstrated them what brains appear to be. I’d whisper in your hearing that girls could be just as smart, and much smarter sometimes, than boys. I’d let you know, and still, tell you, you are just like Hermione.

“Take a breath.”

In kindergarten, you began to understand that things are hard. College was hard, keeping and making friends was hard, and gymnastics was hard. There have been a number of days when you arrived house and promptly burst into tears. I’d hold you and whisper, “Take a breath.” I by no means told you to avoid crying, and I still under no circumstances let you know not to cry because you can! Personally, I think so much satisfaction when I see you take a breath and try something new. I’m also so pleased with you for teaching this to your child brothers. I have noticed you calm two fussy infants by whispering sweetly to them to take deep breaths. They are therefore lucky to have you.

“End up being kind, and ignore them.”

Something girls with sisters find out in early stages is that girls could be jealous and mean if they want to be. I could let you know were shocked by other girls when you found its way to the globe of competitive gymnastics. So when you were in 1st grade, a few older ladies told you your eye were “poop-colored.” I had hardly ever been so mad, but I told you to ignore them and also to keep being kind. Don’t let the haters enable you to get down.

“I love you.”

I never knew I possibly could love someone so very much until you existed. When you were little and just wished to be held, I would whisper, “I really like you, little girl,” again and again. I tell you “I really like you” as many times as I can throughout the day. I whisper it for you prior to going to school, when you get back, when you keep for gymnastics, so when I check up on you before I fall asleep. I also whisper it if you are not actually near me. I simply put it out into the universe and wish it finds its method to your heart.

These things I whisper will probably begin to embarrass you in the next couple years, the years when being seen with Mother isn’t the coolest part of the world. But I guarantee to whisper them until I cannot anymore, because also when you do not want to hear them, I still must let you know.

Love Always,