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Mothers recommend: It was indispensable in my hospital bag

Bag. The infamous bag you must have packed and ready for birth. But what is really the most important thing to do? Get the mothers good experiences here.

If you want it or not, then there are only a few things you need to control before the little new announces its arrival. One of the things that is strange to keep track of is the infamous bag you have to bring to the hospital. For what is really necessary to pack? We have asked some mothers to tell what was absolutely indispensable to them.

Soft clothes

– You can not overlook anything else. I had bought some nice breastfeeds, but I did not need them for many months later. In the days after my birth, my breasts were so badly sore that I had just a piece of soft and not tight elastic fabric around the bar to hold breastfeeding in place – all that tightened the least was allowed to stay in the bag.

Emilie, mother of two

Honey cutters and a helping hand

“I forgot to get the bag when I got to the hospital at my first birth, so my big sister had to come out with it when I lay and was examined by the midwife. And it was actually the most indispensable (where cheesy it sounds) – that she came and held me a little in hand before it all really got lost. And then maybe the packet of honeycombs, I broke very quickly between the first wild feathers. It is important with energy though. Everything else, jogging clothes, baby clothes, etc., was nice to have in the morning when the whole family came to see the new heir – but it was frankly not something I even went up to right there. I just lay and glow at my magic baby.

– Julie, mother to two

Leprechaun and baby testimony

– Lip balm. I was through + 32 hours of birth with the resulting breathing and breathing, and you get a lot of lips! We had a baby test at the hospital and it was genius to bring. They have such plastic cribs, you can put the newborn in, but they are huge, and some newborns do not like it, because they prefer to be completely mast-like in the stomach. So we wrap baby in the hospital dune and then in the baby test, as we put in the plastic crib when he was going to sleep. In addition, I could use it in the hospital bed, which was very narrow. Then I still had the opportunity to lay close with him without fear of freaking him.

– Charlotte, mother of a little boy

Proviant and sweat protection

– A headband and hair straightening became completely indispensable to me – I did not have so long hair, but it hung down in my forehead when I sweated and stood bent over the bed in feathers. Of course, it has not seen it. Of course, I had a great lunch package too … but it was only afterwards that it was eaten.

-Dorte, mother of two

Blood sugar stabilizing candy

– SNACKS! Both to me and to my boyfriend. When we landed at the maternity hotel there was only dry rye bread and the kiosk was closed – and I was so hungry (hello, you just brought a human to the world – if you do not have to eat chocolate there, what time do you have to!). So I was nicely fond of snacks and candy. Well yes, and so freaky, soft jogging pants that I had when we went home. Right there, the clothes must be a little extra comfortable.

-Lindi, mother of a tumble

Royal porcelain (!)

– I had: Two of my own big summer night shirts – I wanted to feed in my own clothes. It was a good decision, it felt just the best. In addition, I had: Makeup, a nice dress and jacket and heel heel – I was in the hospital for two nights, and when I left it (completely saddled and sewn somewhere and so on) I was in nice clothes and with makeup and The staff were easily said to be amazed. “Have not you just born ???” I should probably have seen more worn out, but it was good to have a shower and take my old one again!

“I forgot how bad hospital food is. But one of my very good friends arrived with a basket of royal porcelain, silverware, champagne and super delicious food. It was a party! I have a breastfeeding picture from the bed – with royal china and champagne glass …

Tine, mother of a girl

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