Linsey Vonn won bronz medal

Lindsey Vonn Won A Bronze And Sofia Goggia Won A Gold Medal in Downhill

Lindsey Vonn won the 3rd Olympic medal of her profession and got a bronze medal on Wednesday in the women’s downhill.It took eight years, but Lindsey Vonn finally roared across another end collection at the Olympic women’s downhill, a brief instant that was, simultaneously, a rebirth and a closing.

As she did at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, Vonn immediately spun her mind in direction of the timing scoreboard. At those Winter Video games, Vonn noticed her name atop the first choice table and let loose a resounding scream as she crumpled to the snow, the first American female to win the function.

But at the 2018 Pyeongchang Video games, Vonn’s scoreboard glimpse elicited only a tempered, calm smile and a shrug of the shoulder blades at her teaching, sufficient for a bronze. She grinned and directed over the snow at her friend and the competition champion, Sofia Goggia of Italy.

Vonn’s life since Vancouver, her last Olympics, has included major knee constructions, multiple broken bones, nerve harm and shredded cartilage.

So that it was most likely the happiest third-place surface finish of her storied profession.

“I’m not beaten – I won the bronze medal but Personally I think like I’ve won the platinum medal,” said Vonn, 33, who also won a bronze medal in the super-G at the 2010 Winter Video games and today becomes the 3rd American Alpine skier to win three Olympic medals. “I’m so thankful to be here and also to be with an Olympic podium with another era of my sport.”

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But there is a farewell firmness in Vonn’s tone of voice as well. Though she’ll ski in the Alpine mixed on Thursday night, she’ll not be considered a medal favorite. The downhill is definitely her personal event and Vonn was stating goodbye to both a competition and a stage that experienced made her famous.

“I wish I possibly could continue; I wish this wasn’t my last Olympics but it is,” she said, adding: “I don’t think my own body may take another four many years of skiing racing.”

Vonn, whose triumph Thursday made her the oldest girl to get an Alpine Olympic medal, was a child years idol of Goggia, 25, whose time of just one 1 minute and 39. 22 mere seconds was just nine-hundredths of another prior to the metallic medalist, Ragnhild Mowinckel of Norway, who is 25 also.

Vonn was 0.38 of another behind Mowinckel, who the other day won the silver medal in the large slalom.

Goggia, who’s the first skier from Italy to gain the women’s Olympic downhill, has shared a kinship with Vonn for quite some time, one mainly born out of their first meeting in 2011, Goggia’s inaugural season on the World Glass circuit. Goggia approached Vonn close to the start of a race that year and started bowing and kneeling.

“I wanted to show respect for the queen of skiing racing,” Goggia said within an interview past due this past year. “I knew I had been in the existence of royalty.”

Vonn offered a hug instead. Goggia frequented Vonn in the next off-season and the relationship grew nearer when Goggia suffered the to begin three serious leg accidental injuries soon thereafter.

“I was finding out about to her again for how she returned from every damage – no matter how lousy it was,” Goggia said.

But as time passes, Goggia is becoming one of Vonn’s biggest rivals in the downhill, which Vonn, when healthy, has mainly dominated because of the Vancouver Video games.

They entered Wednesday’s competition as favorites for the yellow metal medal. Actually, Vonn selected bib No. 7 so that she could first observe how Goggia, who was simply starting fifth, approached the racecourse tactically.

Goggia arrived at the gate slowly and was the 26th quickest – out of 31 racers who finished – in the first time period. But Goggia quickly resolved into an assured, aggressive stance on her behalf skis, which she frequently pressured for increasingly more rate. By the 3rd period, Goggia was 5th quickest in the field.

As it proved, she was just finding her tempo. By efficiently linking her converts and sometimes going for a more curved method of the gates, Goggia held the smooth bases of her skis on the snow surface for much longer exercises. The payoff was the quickest time in each one of the three last timed intervals.

When Vonn later followed two skiers, she was faster in the beginning but less liquid in the center section. Her skis appeared on the advantage and rattling more regularly than Goggia’s, and after a little of the miscue arriving off the 3rd leap in the course, Vonn trailed Goggia by almost a half-second. She didn’t make up enough time.

“I was perhaps a little too precise with my range but it was a clean run,” Vonn later said. “Maybe I will have allowed skis run a bit more.

“But I didn’t ski stiff or anxious,” she added.

Vonn had dedicated her performance to her later grandfather, Don Kildow, who had helped train her to ski. In November Kildow died.

“I desperately wished to get for him and I wish he might have been here to view,” she said. “But I still think he’s watching and I believe he’d be pleased with me.”

Though not introspective naturally, Vonn seemed wanting to use the occasion to think about her career.

“I’m really pleased with what I’ve accomplished in four Olympic Video games because a few of them were pretty difficult,” she said.

Vonn was seriously injured in an accident time prior to the 2006 Olympics, hobbled again with a shin damage right before the Vancouver Video games and missed the 2014 Sochi Olympics because of leg surgery.

“I’ve never considered quitting,” Vonn, who programs to retire after next winter’s competition season, said following the competition. . “However the injuries took their toll. I’ve crashed into so many fences.”

She smiled.

“I’m on the first-name basis with so many doctors it’s ridiculous,” she said.