90's fashion comeback

Back to the 90’s hair accessory

Your preferred ’90s hair accessory just made a high-fashion comeback.

Basically, there is nothing cool from years’ earlier until Rihanna or Alexander Wang says so. Just to illustrate: at Wang’s ’80s-themed fall 2018 show, models strolled the runway putting on a claw clip (!) in their locks. Nonetheless, it wasn’t an ordinary black plastic material or tortoiseshell clip you could pick-up at CVS tomorrow-it was completed in chrome metallic and stamped with Wang’s logo design.

In the event that you aren’t sure how to experience the accessory’s comeback-you’re not by yourself. Although some women still swear by the videos to carry ultra-thick locks, it was not observed in high-fashion circles since Friends was still on the environment. But because the humble scrunchie made its triumphant go back to fashion and superstar culture this past year, anything can be done.

“The hair is undertaken a power professional of the ’80s. It’s corporate and business and kind of smart in ways,” says lead Redken and hairstylist creative director Guido Palau. “That is Alex’s undertake the ironic banana clip of this era.” Palau and his team twisted the locks up along the guts of the top, then guaranteed it with pins and a couple of Wang-branded videos. A stream of Redken Forceful 23 hairspray guaranteed the “very powerful and difficult” look.

We asked Palau about his personal applying for grants the clip. “I really like just how that something which has been around and has a funny connotation will come back. Go through the mullet haircut: 3 or 4 years back it was a no-no, and today it’s very cool. I really like just how that something is reintroduced into fashion and we consider it again in different ways. That’s been occurring for some time now, things which were considered not cool or a little off can be [reimagined] again.”

“Also, you need to remember, plenty of ladies probably don’t remember the actual banana clip is,” Palau gives. “There’s an 18 or 17-year-old lady, they don’t really know it has a funny connotation to it. They could consider it’s very cool to achieve that in their locks.”

No word yet on if Wang will sell the clips come fall. Hairstylists were managing the plastic material accessories backstage with the elegance of the ballerina carrying a new baby (only a few were designed for the show – so if indeed they broke, they broke). If indeed they do find their way into tales in a couple of months, we can see right now they will be right alongside the Tom Ford leather headbands as a must-have item of the growing season.