do you want Satisfying Things in Bed

What Do Women want Satisfying Things in Bed?

Almost all women want few satisfying things in bed, but there are some things that are fairly universal. If you want to have sex better for your lover, start here.

 A partner committed to my pleasure too.

A female is not your hands, a flashlight, or any additional masturbatory aid. Don’t just make use of her body till you orgasm and roll over and presume she had an enjoyable experience too because that’s not really how it operates. Being a great partner is approximately putting in equal effort. You don’t wish to be the individual who bailed on the group task all semester, merely to swoop in and consider credit for the A by the end.

Peace of mind with regards to protection.

Be prepared, and believe we’re carrying it out with a condom unless normally agreed upon beforehand. Don’t pressure me to remove it halfway through or appear at me dumbfounded together with your dick going out of your trousers like you’ve by no means heard the term “condom” before. Don’t do it just! I will walk out. I will really.

An orgasm.

Sex shouldn’t end with simply the male orgasm – particularly if she hasn’t experienced one yet. If you’re likely to be too exhausted once you orgasm, make sure she’s looked after beforehand. It’s not rocket technology. In the event that you understand, for sure, you’re likely to obtain yours, wouldn’t you need your lover to enjoy herself too?


There are a period and a location for wordlessly-grunty sex, but having somebody who asks if you’re into something or if you would like it another way can be nice. You don’t obtain any extra points for which makes it to the finish collection without saying a peep.

A clean bed.

It’s really, very difficult to let yourself proceed and enjoy yourself when you can experience your calves brushing against any sedimentary layers of sweat, grime, and hookups previous on his Focus on the comforter with every grunt.

A spare phone charger.

If I need to call an Uber afterward, I want to have the ability to pay attention to music or check Twitter on my trip back again, and I can’t do this easily stupidly let my phone simply rot for the nine . 5 minutes we had sex. And if I’m remaining the night, I might still want to check on Twitter if you drift off before me. Sue me!


It’s not really a race to the finish range! You can consider your time and pull stuff out and revel in yourselves. Just a little patience will carry you an extended, good way. Besides, if the orgasm was the thing that mattered about sex, I’d become dating the USB brick that costs my vibrator.

Sock removal.

Please, make sure you remove your socks before sex. It’s just therefore weird to see somebody like, fully naked but nonetheless wearing socks that it could really take you out from the moment. Plus, then you come across the weird point of like, “Should I have gone my socks on?” “Perform they not like feet?” “Do they think my feet are ugly?!” and spiraling right into a hole of foot-based anxiety, which isn’t a place anybody loves to be.

Realistic expectations.

Please don’t climb into bed with me merely to morph from Jake in Accounting to Ron Jeremy. Porn sex is awesome and all, but true to life sex isn’t always like this, and I resent the idea that it’s totally regular for a man to flip you over wordlessly and make an effort to place it in your ass while phoning you a filthy slut and letting you know he’s gonna end in your locks. Like, we watched three episodes of Frasier on your laptop just, stop performing like your convertible 2-bed is usually a sex dungeon. Chill.

Enthusiastic cunnilingus.

personal explanatory.