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What Do Men Really Want In A Woman?

Let me just give you a quick example of a bad boyfriend.

He doesn’t care. He doesn’t call. You feel he’s cheating. He never gives a clear signal whether he really likes you or not. He is sometimes really hot and in an instant, he could become really cold. He drives you mad in love and ‘angry mad’.

Well, what do you do?

While men care about having a relationship and want a relationship, if your man is doing it the wrong way then you need to give him an intervention. Men are not experienced with the ways of understanding about how to communicate and express love the way women need it. Men want to be a good leader and provider, but they may not know how to go about it. They don’t generally talk about emotionally connecting with women to other men. It’s just never a topic. Men talk about getting women into bed, but never the emotional commitment. Let’s face it, when a guy is into a woman he’s looking for qualities that are inherently unique to being a woman. He doesn’t want another beer drinking buddy. I see too many people mask their femininity in the belief that he’ll like you more if you act more like one of the boys. It doesn’t work.

In the pursuit of getting your bad boy to turn good, many women are realizing the need to connect to their feminine essence. This affects everything. From the bad past of crying over fights to being able to chuckle with your attractive man with passionate lasting love, the moment everything changes for the better happens when you get in touch with your true feminine energy.

I’m risking a lot of women hating me if I tell you this. And I’m really digging in my nails to say this, but if you show your man your vulnerability, there’s a high probability, fifty percent chance that he will melt and do what you say.

Showing your female sensitivity and vulnerability doubles your appeal, and gives you a hypnotic influence over your man. It’s weird, but it works, so try it. Just watch him go from bad to good in sixty seconds. The moment you show your vulnerability by welling up in tears, pouting, being soft, but not emotionally dramatic, you are displaying one aspect of feminine vulnerability. After that, you have a lot of honest communicating to do.

Showing your feminine side to your man might be difficult at first for him to understand, but think about the long term.

It’s best that when two people get together, they at least know the worst of each other before they start committing to a longer term relationship. That way, their life together is built on a foundation of clear understanding of what each person signed up for.

It’s true, bad boys turn into the greatest men. The entrepreneurial business world is run by bad boys with guts. If you feel you have a bad boy, don’t sweat it. Keep up your persistence, and try your best to get through to him. Bad boys are tough. Bad boys can do what nobody else can, for better or worse. Bad boys are the alpha males.

If you want things to be easy, then a sissy man might be what you want. Or you can date a wuss, or maybe a more feminine man. And even then, you’ll find it hard if you are feminine inside because every cell in your body wants this man to be more masculine, have more direction, and be more present with you. If you can make your communication clear and easy to understand, you’re going to get a lot more out of a man than you will by sulking, pouting, or waiting for him to ask how you really are when you say you’re okay. If you’re feeling something, tell him and tell him why. Making it easy for him makes it easy for you.

Article Source by Ashlynn G Aris

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