Say goodbye to the performance anxiety

Six tips: Say goodbye to the performance anxiety

If you want to live in life, you have to perform. This makes the parole sound like modern society. It’s about being a job-reseller at home, robust at home and immaculate in social media. There is no room for error.

The consequence is a tremendous stress for many Americans, so how do you learn to let go of the performance anxiety in a hectic life?

Ditte Charles, chief psychologist at the Psychiatry Foundation, gives six tips.

1) Makeup with your inner self-critic

Replace the self-critical voice with a friendly and spacious voice that sees errors as a natural part of life.

“Many people who have been successful in life say that what has brought them forward has been to love to learn to fail. That’s where you learn the most, “explains Ditte Charles.

“If you’re afraid to fail, you’ll easily feel the action slurry, and you’ll get nothing done. So you have to dare to do it badly.

2) Make conscious choice and absence

According to her, we live in a very liberating society, where we prefer to keep all possibilities open.

“But if we do, we often end up not committing ourselves to anything. And thus, in a way, it becomes a life that declines for us, she points out.

Therefore, it is important to dare to choose on and off rather than thinking that you should be good at all.

“Otherwise, the consequence becomes easy, so rarely gets his soul,” Ditte Charles points out.

3) You should not be able to do anything more than you can

The council can immediately sound banal, but for many Americans, fear is not to turn into a natural companion, for example, the workplace.

“The outside world can not expect you to do something that you have not experienced. So instead of getting around in fear, it’s important to dare to figure out who can help with a task, says Ditte Charles.

“You should not believe you can or should do everything yourself.

4) Be aware of the things you have to be grateful for

A closed fist. How does the chief psychologist describe the present-day performance society?

“When you are in fear of having to perform all the time, it becomes easy to get a very tense and connected condition.

“So having an awareness of what can make us feel safe in life and open up like humans is very important, says Ditte Charles.

5) Use your close relationships

In addition, good friendships are a crucial breath to have in a stressful everyday life, so you have room to lower your shoulders and be in an open-minded environment.

“Research has shown that what matters to people when they lie on their death camp is not how much money they have earned or what jobs they have achieved, but what relationships they have had,” says Ditte Charles.

“And it should not be friends on Facebook, but one to three real friends who can share everything with and be inexperienced with.

6) Know your values

Finally, you should make up for yourself, which person you absolutely want to be in life, says the chief psychologist.

– So you also put things in perspective and not only think in a CV and public appearance but what values you have as human beings.

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