Pornstar_Stormy_Daniels and Trump

The pornstar suits Trump

Pornstar Stormy Daniels escalates the battle she has with US President Donald Trump.

Monday evening, Danish news agency Reuters and AP are writing a case against Trump for defamation.

The news agencies cite legal documents at a federal court in New York.

The background for the lawsuit is a message that Trump wrote on Twitter on April 18th.

Here he rejected a drawing made by a man based on the pornstar’s information from an event in 2011 that spun.

The man allegedly threatened to silence her alleged sex affair she had had with Trump, who was not in politics at that time.

– A drawing a year later by a man who does not exist, the president wrote among other things and called it for Fake News.

It takes Stormy Daniels is not in. The lawsuit states that the Trumps Twitter message is “false and defamatory”.

Monday’s evolution is the most recent legal move that women Stephanie Clifford, her civic name, takes against the president of the White House.

In advance, she is working out of a confidentiality, she accepted before the presidential election in 2016 in return for $ 130,000. The money would make her tie the alleged relationship with Trump.

The payment was made by Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen.

The civil lawsuit at a federal court in Los Angeles about $ 130,000 and silence was postponed on Friday because Michael Cohen is facing a criminal investigation in the same case.

Cohen asked for the postponement after the FBI had searched his office and residence a few weeks ago.

The FBI, according to AP, sought evidence of the silence agreement with the pornstar.

Cohen’s defender said in court that the criminal investigation carried out by the FBI broke over with the case in Los Angeles.

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