Newborn British prince is called Louis Arthur Charles

Newborn British prince gets the name

Newborn British prince is called Louis Arthur Charles

Prince Williams and Duchess Kate’s newborn son, number five in the British succession, is called Louis Arthur Charles.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are pleased to announce that they have named their son in Louis Arthur Charles, it is stated in a statement from the Kensington Palace.

The newborn arrived on Monday at 11.01 local time.

The new prince is Queen Elizabeth’s sixth granddaughter. In his succession, he is after his grandfather, his father, and his two siblings.

Prince William and his wife, who live at Kensington Palace, now have three children to support.

Prince William and Duchess Kate met in 2001 at St. Andrews University in Scotland, where they shared an apartment with two other students. They quickly became inseparable.

They got married in April 2011 at the Westminster Abbey in London. Their first son was born July 22, 2013.

The Prince has indicated that he is determined to be close to his children in their upbringing, as well as to protect their privacy.

It is a theme that lags him a lot after losing his mother, Princess Diana, in 1997. She was killed in a car crash in Paris on the run from ubiquitous paparazzi photographers.

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