Richard Gere will married again

68-year-old Richard Gere gets married – with a 35-year-old Spanish woman

American actor Richard Gere gets married to Spanish Alejandra Silva.

Richard Gere of 68 years, especially known from the movie ‘Pretty Woman’, is to marry 35-year-old Alejandra Silva. They met each other when Richard Gere was still married to the Carey Lowell model.

The upcoming bridesmaids met at Alejandra Silva’s hotel in Italy, as she had with her former husband.
Richard Gere and the 32 years younger woman published their relationship in the summer of 2015, and in recent years they have had a long-distance relationship when Richard Gere lives in the United States and her in Spain every day.

Already in November last year, Alejandra Silvas was spotted with a diamond ring on his finger.

“She is not competitive. She will constantly improve in every way, and she is not afraid to look herself in the mirror with self-critical eyes. She is very thoughtful and has all the good qualities. But most of all, it’s about energy, about developing, living and being in the present. It’s very important to me, “says the 68-year-old actor for the Swedish media N√∂jesbladet.

Richard Gere has been married twice before. First with the Cindy Crawford model from 1991 to 1995. In 2002, he married Carey Lowell, who was married for 14 years before divorce in 2016.
The wedding should be held with a smaller ceremony in Washington on May 5 this year.

However, the couple has not yet confirmed the wrinkle plans.