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20 by Donald Trump’s Worst Lies

20 by Donald Trump’s worst lies

Lies and contradictions are not unusual for US President Donald Trump. Despite warning from even some of America’s biggest celebrities, Trump Democrat Hiller Clinton struck in the election campaign to follow Barack Obama as the country’s president. But long before he announced his candidacy, and now a good deal in his term of office, Donald Trump’s lies have been a thorough part of his way of communicating. Polls show consistently that 49% or more of the American voters regard President Trump as a liar. Here are 20 of the worst lies he has delivered to date.

Trumps lie: Obama is not born in the United States

Donald Trump revived the so-called ‘birther’ thought – which states that BarackObama should not be born in the United States – in an interview in The View in 2011. Since then, Trump held fast in this thought and repeatedly questioned Obama’s right to be American president because he was allegedly not born in the country. Only in September 2016, Trump recognized at the end of a speech that Obama was born in the United States. Closer to the same breath, he blamed the ‘birther’ controversies on Hillary Clinton.

Trump’s lie: The crowd of his deployment

Trump heavily exaggerated the size of the crowd who witnessed his deployment as president on January 20, 2017. When he appeared at the CIA headquarters on the day following the deployment, Trump told the audience: “I looked and the area was … it looked like a million or a half million media. “However, news media such as The New York Times, Reuters and The Washington Post were able to show video images, still photos and analyzes, which pointed out that around 600,000 people had met up to Trump’s deployment.

Trump’s lie: Refused to be fooled by a handicapped journalist and claimed he could not remember him

When a video appeared, where Donald Trump fooled the disabled journalist Serge Kovaleski, Trump rejected in a tweet that he even knew who the journalist was or knew he was handicapped. Kovaleski, a former reporter on the New York Daily News newspaper, otherwise covered Trump in a number of articles and had spent a whole day with him. He even remembers that Trump had shouted at him during a telephone conversation with a hearing.

Trump’s lie: ‘The Art of the Deal’ is “The Best-selling Business Book Ever”

When Trump during the election campaign was to list his major successes, he stated in an interview with CNN: “I have written a book called The Art of the Deal. It’s the best-selling business book ever, I think, at least, but I’m pretty sure. “The book is just not to be found on a top list from Forbes.

Trumps lie: Obama’s “intercepted” Trump Tower

On March 4, 2017, Donald Trump wrote the following lie on Twitter: “Terrible! Just learned that Obama got me “hunted” in Trump Tower just before the victory. Found nothing. It’s McCarthyism! “James Comey, who was then the head of federal police, said there was no evidence for Trump’s Twitter claims. On September 1, 2017, the FBI and the Ministry of Justice’s Special National Security Division, NSD, handed a report to the court in the case with the following statement: “Both the FBI and NSD confirm that they do not have information about interceptions as described in the Twitter messages d. 4 March 2017. ”

Trumps lie: Existing health conditions are covered under new health insurance

“It will be as good as Obamacare for existing health problems,” said the parole, as Trump wanted to introduce a new health insurance. Obama’s legislation, the Affordable Care Act, did not allow insurance companies to refuse to take health insurance or demand higher premiums to cover people with existing health problems. However, the new law, the American Health Care Act, with the so-called MacArthur Supplement, allows insurance companies to allow the premium to depend on the person’s health status if the insurance has expired for a certain number of days. It is also allowed to age-adjust the prize so that low-income older people risk getting their premium increased by 700-800 percent.

Trump’s lie: The Trump campaign did not work with the Russians

The rumors that the Trump campaign had collaborated with Russia to manipulate the election in the United States is strongly rejected by Trump, who tweeted: “Again, the story of cooperation between the Russians and the Trump campaign made by Democrats is an excuse for losing the election. “An FBI survey was launched in July 2016 when the US intelligence agency intercepted contacts between the Trump campaign and suspected Russian agents. The page has Donald Trump Jr. admitted that he met a Russian lawyer to get dirt on Hillary Clinton and the FBI has expanded its investigation of Trump’s activities in relation to Russia.

Trumps lie: London mayor says no one should be afraid of terrorist attacks

Following the terrorist attack on London Bridge on June 3, 2017, Donald Trump tweeted: “At least 7 died and 48 injured in terrorist attacks, and the mayor of London said” no need for unrest. “But, in fact, what London mayor Sadiq Khan had said in an interview: “London’s citizens will see an increased police presence today and over the next few days. There is no need for turmoil – one of the things that the police and all of us must do is to make sure we are as secure as possible. ”

Trump’s lie: Do not ask the FBI boss to drop an advisory inquiry

A few days after he had fired the FBI boss James Comey, Trump was asked if he had pressured Comey to drop the investigation of former national security advisor Michael Flynn. Trump responded with a concise “No. Next question. “However, on June 8, 2017, Comey told a witness statement in the Senate Intelligence Committee that Trump had said,” I hope you can see a resort to let this go Flynn. ”

Trumps lie: Wisconsin has an actual unemployment rate of 20 pct.

In March 2016, Trump said at a voting meeting in Wisconsin to the crowd: “The unemployment rate is 20 percent. It may not be possible, “and added,” Hey, it’s in the big book. “But according to the police statistics, according to Police Fact, the unemployment rate in Wisconsin in 2015 was 4.6 percent. (measured by the number of people who became unemployed) while the actual unemployment rate was estimated at 8.3 percent.

Trump’s lie: Trump University has (had) premiere

As a Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump participated in the Meet the Press TV program on February 28, 2016, where he mentioned his private Trump University, who taught in real estate but was filed after a lawsuit. Here he stated: “We have an” A “character from the Better Business Bureau.” However, just Better Business Bureau, an accreditation organization in the United States, issued a press release on 8 March 2016 referring to their quality standards and stated: “Trump University does not have an A rating at BBB.”

Trumps lie: Gen-tweeted a false racist meme about crime

On November 22, 2015, Donald Trump re-tweeted an incorrect, racist graphic of crime statistics from the non-existent Crime Statistics Bureau – San Francisco. The memo stated: “White killed by Black – 81 percent.” However, according to the FBI, 3,177 white victims were killed in 2015, 500 of whom were killed by blacks. This corresponds to about 16 percent.

Trumps lie: Ford drops agreement with Mexico to stay in the United States

In a tweet before the election campaign, October 25, 2015, Donald Trump claimed: “I hear that Ford Motor, due to my constant criticism when I speak for full houses, will cancel their agreement to move to Mexico and stay in the United States. “However, Ford had actually announced to The Washington Post that they would not drop the factory in Mexico but were planning to renovate their Ohio factory and move part of its production. These plans had existed since 2011. Ford did end up dropping the Mexico plan – but it was to move the production of the 2019 model of Ford Focus to China.

Trump’s lie: Modememonsters in Charlottesville Rifles had no permission

At a press conference after the riots of a Unite the Right demonstration in Charlottesville on August 12, 2017, Trump said the opponents had not had permission to demonstrate. However, according to PolitiFact, Walt Heinecke, the organizer of the opposition demonstration, could actually show permission from Charlottesville City Council.

Trumps lie: Obama released 122 prisoners who resumed terror and rebel actions

On March 7, 2017, President Trump tweeted: “122 dangerous prisoners released by the Obama administration from Gitmo (Guantanamo, Red.) Have returned to the war field. Just another miserable decision! “However, it is apparent from a report from intelligence that 113 of these prisoners were released from the Guantanamo camp, while George W. Bush was president.

Trumps lie: He respects women

Trump regularly announces that he has “incredible respect for women”. The Washington Post newspaper has spoken at least 21 occasions where Donald Trump has assured the world that he respects women. One exception was when he tweeted: “If Hillary Clinton cannot satisfy her husband, what makes her think she can satisfy the United States?”. Or when he said about journalist Megyn Kelly, hosted the first Republican debate during the election campaign in 2016: “One could see she had blood blurred out of sight. She had blood flowing all the way. ”

Trumps lie: He saw thousands of people cheer in New Jersey during the September 11 attack

At a voting meeting in Birmingham on November 21, 2015, Trump said to the crowd: “I saw in Jersey City, New Jersey, how thousands and thousands of people cheered when the building (World Trade Center, Red.) Collapsed. Thousands of people cheered. “But even though there have been reports that some people were arrested for allegedly crying over the terrorist attack, neither PolitiFact nor could find evidence of Trump’s claim.

Trumps lie: Illegal voters cost the Trump victory in the metric

Trump, as known, won the presidential election based on mandates in the so-called Electoral College, but did not get the majority of the people’s votes. After the election, Trump tweeted: “In addition to winning the Electoral College in a landslide, I also won the votes of the population if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally.” However, in a review of the research conducted in elections, the organization concluded the Journalist’s Resource that voice fraud is so rare in the United States that it could not have affected the election results.

Trumps lie: Terrorist attacks in Sweden?

On February 18, 2017, Trump determined the following in an effort to obtain support for his entry ban on Muslims: “Just see what’s happening in Germany right now, just see what happened last night in Sweden. Sweden, who had believed it? “The statement thus suggested that there had been terrorist activity in Sweden the night before, which, however, amazed both the Swedish authorities and the media. Trump also added, referring to a large number of refugees Sweden has received: “They have problems they had never thought possible.” Nevertheless, the Swedish authorities stated that they were not familiar with any problems. And Sweden’s Embassy in the United States tweeted: “We are looking forward to informing US administration on Sweden’s immigration and integration policy.”

Trump’s lie: His demands led to a bigger NATO contribution

Trump suggested that it was him who had the honor of the increased NATO contribution when, during a visit to Warsaw, he declared: “My administration has demanded that all NATO members should respond to their full and reasonable financial commitment. As a result of this requirement, many additional billions of dollars have begun to flow into NATO. “However, NATO members actually increased their defense costs already at the North Atlantic Council Summit in Wales in 2014.

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