helath service executive spend a lot of money for condoms

The Health Service Executive (HSE) spend €50,000 for lubricant and condoms

Health Service Executive (HSE) is defined to splurge around €50,000 for 500,000 HSE branded condoms and 250,000 branded lubrication packets within the ongoing battle against unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

This follows the HSE seeking tenders from companies to create the ‘Johnny’s got you covered’ branded condoms for the HSE’s National Condom Distribution Support and the condoms should be given out absolve to people.

The estimated spend of €50,000 with respect to the HSE Crisis Pregnancy Program follows the HSE spending €100,000 between 2012 and 2015 on purchasing 700,000 condoms and 300,000 sachets of lubricants.

The fresh devote to the condoms comes against the backdrop of increasing STI rates in Ireland and rocketing HIV cases.

The HSE National Sexual Wellness Technique 2015 -2020 records that STI notifications increased by 279% from 3,361 in 1995 to 12,753 in 2013 while HIV cases have risen to over 500 in 2016.

The 2016 total for new HIV cases was the best number since records started here and provisional figures for this past year showed only hook dip in spite of the general public information campaigns around the risks of contracting the disease.

The Sexual Health Technique also records that over 1 / 3 of women in Ireland experienced an experience of an emergency pregnancy which is thought as a pregnancy “that’s neither planned or desired and is an individual crisis for the girl.”

The HSE views condoms as type in limiting the spread of HIV and STIs in men who’ve sex other men (MSM).

This past year, an HSE HIV/STI outbreak response group centered on putting in place an individual distribution scheme for condoms for MSM with the purpose of an increased way to obtain distributing 5,000 condoms and lubricant weekly.

Underlining the task faced simply by the HSE in halting the spread of STIs among teenagers, the HSE Health Safety Surveillance Centre this past year recorded an 11% upsurge in the instances of STIs in the 15 to 24 years bracket raising from 4,677 to 5,200 with Chlamydia creating 50% of cases.

Against the backdrop of increased STI prices, Dr. Ilona Duffy last month said that “while it’s okay to be on Tinder etc and conference up with people for sex – you’ve surely got to take safety measures and I believe that’s not out there”.

A spokeswoman for the HSE said: “The National Condom Distribution Services (NCDS) was established by HSE in 2015 to aid in a conference the strategic aims of the National Sexual Wellness Strategy 2015-2020; to improve sexual health and wellbeing and also to reduce negative sexual health outcomes such as STIs and crisis pregnancies.”

She said: “The function of the NCDS is usually to be a central point for distributing free condoms and lubricant sachets to services working directly with population organizations who could be at increased threat of negative sexual health outcomes.

“The NCDS supports sexual wellness campaigns and services targeting teenagers and MSM communities. Condoms and lubricant sachets are given through a number of channels, such as for example sexual wellness education programmes, HSE medical/nonclinical services, outreach events and work.

The condoms should be delivered by July of the year and kept at a facility in Co Waterford for nationwide distribution.