alcohol in life

Seven Tips: Avoid temptations and cut down on alcohol in everyday life

It has just been found that as soon as more than seven items are consumed per week, the risk rises significantly to die prematurely and in order to have a number of cardiovascular diseases, Politiken writes Friday on the basis of a major international study published in the journal The Lancet.

Professor Børge Nordestgaard from the Department of Clinical Medicine at the University of Copenhagen has encouraged the National Board of Health to revise the recommendations of the Danes’ alcohol intake.

But how can you simply cut down on wine and beer in everyday life? There is a dietician in the Heart Association Lotte Juul Madsen here with seven bids on.

1) Do not buy wine boxes

“You should not buy wine boxes, it’s better to buy a bottle. Because in a bottle it’s much more visible how much you drink, whereas it’s too easy to get away with a box, says Lotte Juul Madsen.

2) Do not have wine and beer in the fridge all the time

“Do not tempt your fate too much by filling your fridge with a lot of cold white wine and cold beer. Because when they are in the fridge and are ready, it hurts too much, says the dietitian.

She calls for a bottle of white wine or some beer in the fridge, the day you decide to drink something in the evening.

3) Drink of small glass

“You must drink the wine of a small wine glass because when we take a glass of wine, we just fill up the glass regardless of size,” she says, continuing.

– It runs fast when the glass is large.

4) Enjoy a little, but good

– We always recommend a little, but good. It’s not the amount that’s the pleasure, the pleasure lies in the taste, she says.

5) Do not hang over the food for a long time

“Do not sit too long and hang over dinner, because the longer we sit, the more we drink,” says dietician Lotte Juul Madsen.

She suggests that you go for a walk, play games or drive on the beach.

6) Drink alternatives to alcohol

One should consider whether there can be no other healthy alternatives to alcohol, says the dietitian and suggests:

“You can make shelf flower juice, buy Danish water with a taste of yourself, or make water with a taste like cucumber strips or mint,” she says.

It may also be that you make a nice smoothie instead of a glass of wine when you are cooking.

7) at the restaurant

– If you need a three-course menu, buy one glass of white wine and one glass of red wine instead of a whole bottle. To order a bottle, drink a bottle.

And then you have to remember to order water for the food.