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New Pill For Men On The Way

So women, now you can soon leave the men’s contingency responsibility if you dare. A new pill for men is on its way.

For three decades, scientists have been trying to create a pill for men, but at first, it seems that it can actually become a reality.


The University of Washington has conducted a trial of 100 men to test a new pill with a substance called DMAU. And it’s the new substance that has to be a breakthrough in trying to let men stand for contraception.

“DMAU is a huge step in the development of a daily pill for men,” says the research director, Stephanie Page.

Previously, one can conclude that male contraceptives triggered mood swings and a lack of sexual desire. But pills with the new drug seem to prevent this kind of annoying side effects.

Due to men’s high incineration, they have also had to take the pills twice a day. Whereas women can right away right away

This problem is now also solved with this pill, which men can now take in the same doses as women.

But before the condom can be thrown properly, the pill must be taken for 28 days. However, it should be mentioned that the pill’s purpose is to prevent the production of new sperm cells and not protect against sexually transmitted diseases.

Get side effects

Few men in the trial reported side effects, but none of them could be described as serious. Among these, you complained about losing sex, while eight experienced acne problems.

The results of the trial lasting just under a month will be updated to April when researchers will have tested the long-term effects of the new pill.

There are therefore still more studies to be done before men can buy the preventive pills at the pharmacy.