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You Almost Certainly Missed This Funny Easter Egg in Black Panther, but It’s Important

Black Panther offers roared into theaters within Marvel’s Avengers franchise, and we love you don’t really want to have observed the other Avengers films to understand everything that occurs in this film. Well, almost anything.

While there are a couple of characters who arrived in previous Marvel films, the film’s second after-credits picture reunites us with an Avenger antihero we realize well: Bucky Barnes, aka the wintertime Soldier, aka (now) the “White colored Wolf” (performed by Sebastian Stan).

Of course, before he turns up, Shuri (Letitia Wright) actually references him briefly with a line that may have reviewed your head, even if you have seen every Marvel film. Toward the middle of Dark Panther, Everett Ross (Martin Freeman) requires a bullet for Nakia (Lupita Nyong’o), who insists they perform everything to save lots of him. She and T’Challa deliver him to tech genius Shuri to correct him – and her response is funny and informing. “Another damaged white boy to repair,” she remarks, searching at his injured body.

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Usually are not was the first “broken white colored boy” Shuri has to repair? Yep: the brainwashed Bucky Barnes. Bucky had last been observed in Captain America: Civil Battle, first away from home because he’s a battle criminal, then away from home once again because he’s framed for King T’Chaka’s murder. Despite the fact that his name gets cleared for the crime, Bucky still can’t trust himself, and within an end credits picture, he would go to Wakanda and returns to the cryogenic rest that’s kept him youthful until his brainwashing could be cured.

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Now we know that it is Shuri who has been focusing on this remedy, and from what we’ve seen, she’s prevailed – if he’s awake, anyhow, something really needs changing to provide him out from the cryogenic rest. (He does at least appear rested and tan.) Therefore Shuri’s previously joke about having another “damaged white boy to repair” connects back again to that earlier picture and another Avengers film. Also: you go, Shuri.