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Why Star Wars’ Luke Skywalker watches Oscar Ceremony At Home?

He’ll the Oscars for the very first time in four years – but Celebrity Wars’ Mark Hamill says he’d rather be viewing the wedding ceremony in his pajamas.

Hamill – Luke Skywalker in the movies – last attended in 1978 when Star Wars: A New Hope was up for best picture.

Speaking at the Oscar Wilde Awards, where he had been honored, he said it was “a lot more fun” to view from home.

Hamill, showing an Oscar on Weekend, said he expectations the wedding ceremony is “fun and light-hearted”.

He was speaking at the so-called Irish Oscars, where he was one of the honorees, along with Dunkirk acting professional Barry Keoghan, Home Only and Schitt’s Creek celebrity Catherine O’Hara and Ray Donovan celebrity Paula Malcomson.

Around the green grass carpet (rather than a red one), he said he’d loved all those many years of “watching it in my own pajamas, stating ‘look at her hair!’.”

“Now I just placed on a tuxedo and become part of it because I’m presenting,” the BBC was told by him. “Trust me, as big an honor as it is, to participate it, it’s a lot more fun to be viewing it at home.”

In what is actually a politically-charged year for the Oscars, Hamill hopes the ceremony provides people an opportunity to have fun.

“I am hoping it’s fun and light-hearted, you understand?” he said. “Sometimes it’s shaded by causes and politics but I believe it’s a great time for everybody to just relax and revel in themselves. I understand that’s what I’ll do.

“What goes on when you present is you go backstage early – and I don’t get back to my chair. I just go out backstage, eat all the free food and avoid my chair – almost always there is the seat-filler. Usually, they’re a lot more good-looking than I am, so it is a win-win.”

Hamill will be presenting best-animated brief at the Hollywood wedding ceremony.

He joked: “They didn’t pick and choose animated brief because I’m too brief to be always a Stormtrooper did they? Oh, they’re so cruel.”

His final Star Wars film, THE FINAL Jedi, is nominated for four awards at Sunday’s 90th Academy Awards, including best original rating.

Hamill said of the nominations: “It’s nice but that isn’t why you need to do it – you are doing it for the enthusiasm so in retrospect you must do it, not because you think it will get plenty of awards.”

As for telling goodbye to the type of Luke Skywalker, he said: “I don’t think that he’s gone. My theory is he just teleported to someplace else and remaining his robe behind. He teleported to a nudist colony, that’s what I’m wishing.”

The Oscar Wildes are hosted by JJ Abrams, who produced The Pressure Awakens and it is writing, producing and directing the as-year-unnamed Superstar Wars: Show IX. The awards are organized by the US-Ireland Alliance to celebrate Irish contributions to the industry.

Abrams introduced Hamill at the wedding ceremony, held at his Bad Automatic robot creation company in Santa Monica, telling he was “a pleasure to utilize”. They filmed Hamill’s moments for the film in Ireland, with the professional saying it turned out a multimillion-pound increase for Irish tourism which he liked the actual fact people made pilgrimages to see where it was shot.

Colin Farrell, who co-stars with Keoghan in The Getting rid of the Sacred Deer, praised the young acting professional for his recent work including Dunkirk, telling he was the “core” of the film.

Keoghan had managed to get on the last airline flight out of Ireland prior to the snowstorm hit.

Other guests included Andy Serkis, Aisling Bea, and Patsy Palmer.