Justin Bieber is birthday

When Is Justin Bieber’s Birthday?

Today (March 1) is Justin Bieber’s 24th birthday. Happy birthday Justin Bieber.

A fresh story about Justin Bieber only wanting “only time” with Selena Gomez for his birthday present is made-up. Gossip Cop can bust this fabricated statement, which was published by HollywoodLife. The website has already published a string of produced articles about Bieber’s 24th birthday, a few of which even contradict its latest story.

Based on the often discredited outlet, Bieber is requesting an “a lot more meaningful” birthday present this season. In this article, a so-called “source” is quoted as informing the web publication, “He doesn’t need any luxurious presents from [Gomez], he just desires to invest some by itself time with her.” The blog’s most assuredly false “insider” is further quoted as stating, “Granted, if she’s anything prepared as a shock for him he’ll think it’s great because he enjoys spending any moment he can with her.”

But as Gossip Cop above noted, these newest statements about Bieber’s March 1 birthday are just the latest in a barrage of bogus tales posted by the aptly nicknamed HollywoodLies. Regardless of the site’s contention, it’s nearly a scoop to say the superstar desires to invest his birthday along with his sweetheart. We lately called out the unreliable website when it stated it experienced exclusive information regarding Gomez planning for a “passionate shock” for Bieber’s birthday. In that whole story, the store alleged the celebrity reached out to supervisor Scooter Braun to help organize a key party.

Essentially, HollywoodLies takes a meeting, in cases like this Bieber’s birthday, and concocts stories around it, hoping and praying that something possibly resembling its guesswork pans away. To date, they have manufactured stories which have Bieber and Gomez spending his birthday “only” and with numerous others at a shock party. If for reasons unknown neither of the situations happens, the outlet will backtrack and constitute more is situated about why they didn’t spend his birthday by itself or with others at a large bash.

That is basically that blog’s modus operandi. For example, Gossip Cop previously corrected the website when it falsely guessed Bieber and Gomez were spending Thanksgiving collectively, celebrating Christmas with one another, and heading to NY for the brand new Year. Every single one of those reviews was wrong.

Once again, HollywoodLies is going for a stab at night in what Bieber will be doing on his 24th birthday. A source near to the situation tells Gossip Cop the story is 100 percent “made-up,” and assures us nobody remotely near to either celebrity is nourishing that site with personal information about the few. Obviously, while it’s likely the few will be spending Bieber’s birthday jointly, the serial fabricators at that wall plug haven’t any insight in what they’ll be doing and probably won’t know anything until paparazzi pictures emerge or even more legitimate press organizations report onto it first.