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Wendy Williams Is Suffering From Thyroid Issues & Graves’ Disease, Will Need 3-Week Hiatus

Wendy Williams is taking time far away from her self-titled show to concentrate on her hyperthyroidism and Graves’ disease.

The talk show sponsor, 53, announced on Wednesday’s show that she was identified as having Graves’, an autoimmune disease that impacts the thyroid, in addition to thyroid issues which she once was aware.

“Graves’ disease squeezes the muscles behind the eyeballs,” she explained, adding it has made her eyeballs twitch.

Williams admitted that her audiences spotted the attention concern before she did, adding that she attributed symptoms to concentrating on her child Kevin‘s senior 12 months of senior high school and deciding on schools as well as her work.

“Wendy is a genuine champ and hasn’t missed each day of work. But her health insurance and well-being must be placed before everything else,” a show rep tells PEOPLE. “Wendy has been openly working with her Graves’ Disease for quite some time in addition to hyperthyroidism. Last night, Wendy’s doctor recommended a necessary three weeks of rest to get her levels and medication in sync. The show will maintain repeats in this unplanned hiatus. A live show was produced today so that Wendy could speak directly to her fans and clarify her condition.”
After canceling a scheduled appointment with her endocrinologist scheduled for Dec and only a company meeting, Williams finally noticed the physician on Wednesday.

“My doctor has recommended – are you set? today – as of, three weeks of holiday,” she announced. “What? Who are you? I was pissed.”

İT personality joked, “I’ll be back two. I’m no heiress – who’s heading to pay my expenses? Are you serious? I’m saying just, I result from working course.”

Williams also had an important message for women to place their health first.

“What I want to state to women, more than men, is stop getting everyone first because if we’re bad, they’re bad,” she said.

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The announcement employs Williams canceled several shows the other day because she was experiencing “flu-ish” symptoms, she said in an Instagram post last Wednesday.

“I do go directly to the doctors today to discover just what it is,” she explained. “I feel terrible. I needed to be spoken out of heading to work today and removing a couple of days to get myself collectively.”

The talk show web host also fainted throughout a live broadcast of her show on Halloween, which she related to feeling “overheated” in her sophisticated Statue of Liberty costume. The broadcast quickly slices to commercial, and Williams continuing the show when they came back.

The day following the incident, Williams recounted the collapse to her studio audience.

“It was scary,” she recalled, choking up. “It was scary really. It was so frightening, all I could think of in the center of the scare was, ‘Don’t draw the podium over you because that’ll make it worse.’ ”

After closing out the show, paramedics informed her she was low on electrolytes.

“My blood circulation pressure was fine, my heart rate was fine, everything was fine,” she said. “I’m a 53-year-old middle-aged female going right through what middle-aged women proceed through if guess what happens I imply. The outfit got hot. Before painting, I experienced like I was in the center of a campfire.”