Jenna Morasca arrested for during DUI and drug bust

Survivor Champion Jenna Morasca Arrested After Biting Cops During DUI & Drug Bust

Survivor Champion Jenna Morasca After Biting Cops Arrested During DUI & Drug Bust

Former Survivor champion Jenna Morasca was arrested last month for driving under the influence and medication possession after allegedly biting an officer after being treated for an obvious overdose.

The 37-year-old hasn’t commented on the arrest, that was made public on Thursday.

Law enforcement said in a declaration that on the night of January 25, officials found Morasca unconscious in a working Chevrolet SUV parked at an end register Washington, PA. She was a lady passenger, who was simply seen putting a Ziploc-style handbag made up of syringes in her handbag. Officials gave Morasca Narcan, an overdose reversal medication, and medics showed up and gave her more, then positioned her on the stretcher and relocated her into an ambulance.

Law enforcement said medics requested advice about her, telling she was fighting with each other and wanting to bite them. Officials then joined the automobile and noticed she was resisting and seeking to bite the medics. A female officer remained inside as the vehicle started its journey to an ER, where Morasca was “still combative” and a little bit the policewoman on her behalf right forearm. Morasca was billed on suspicion of driving while impaired of drugs and ownership of narcotics paraphernalia.

As Morasca had been revived inside the SUV, law enforcement informed her passenger at hand over the handbag of syringes. She reportedly informed them she didn’t have any in her ownership. The officials removed the handbag, that they said also included a burnt spoon with a string and cotton balls, and also found another syringe inside her budget. She was detained on the picture on suspicion of having medication paraphernalia and then released after being informed she’d receive charges via summons.

In 2002, Morasca, a Pa native, received Survivor: The Amazon, the sixth season of the CBS reality show, and received the grand prize of $1 million. Based on the Pennsylvania police statement, the SUV she was traveling possesses a vanity permit dish that reads “AMAZON.”

She then competed on Survivor: All-Stars in 2004 but quit the show to be with her dying mother, who passed on from breast cancer times after she returned home.

Over another couple of years, Morasca competed on Fear Factor and also took part in the Amazing Race with then-boyfriend and Survivor season three winner Ethan Zohn. They both also made an appearance together on the meals Network show Supper: Impossible and on season four from the Celebrity Apprentice. Both break up in 2013 after a 10-12 months relationship.