Serena Williams’ SMS

Just an hour before Serena Williams’ magnificent wedding, an SMS came.

There was an hour for Serena Williams’ wedding – then a sms came from her father.

Her father wrote, “Serena, do not be mad at me, but I can not get you up the floor of the church. I’m not myself. I’m too nervous, “sounded the message.

This is how the American tennis player says, according to Mirror, in the latest episode of HBO documentary ‘Being Serena’, sent Wednesday night.

It was last year in November that Serena Williams got married to IT billionaire Alexis Ohanian in New Orleans. Here were also Caroline Wozniacki and many other celebrities among the 200 guests.

For yes, Serena Williams she got married – despite the father’s message just before the wedding ceremony.

Because she reacted like this:

“Dad, that’s okay. And if you do not even want to come to the wedding, it’s also okay, “wrote the 36-year-old tennis star back to his father in a new text and added:

“I do not feel sorry for it, and I do not want you to be sad.”

Richard Williams got a stroke in 2016, and that was one of the reasons Serena Williams responded, as she did. And she tells in ‘Being Serena’ that others would have reacted differently.

“He was New Orleans, he had a suit and I know he was really looking forward to it. But if he did not want to stand in front of all those people, I could understand it, “says Serena Williams.

Instead, she chose to walk alone up the floor to Alexis Ohanian, and then they got married.

When Serena Williams and his sister Venus broke through more than 20 years ago, Richard Williams quickly became an eye-catching person in the tennis world because of his sometimes unique statements and behavior.

Serena Williams, however, did not want to blame him. Neither have to have

“Listen here when we first arrived, there were many people who did not understand him. I think many did not want to understand him. But our family knows what we have. We just wish everyone is happy. That’s what matters and nothing can be changed, “says Serena Williams.

She is currently struggling to return to the tennis top after her maternity leave. Just a couple of months before his wedding, the former world-daughter, Alexis Olympia, gave birth and the next major task is the French Open, which begins next week.

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