John Stamos and Caitlin McHugh celebrates marriage

John Stamos Celebrates Seven Days of Relationship to Caitlin McHugh

In celebration of their first week of marriage, John Stamos and his pregnant wife Caitlin McHugh made a decision to have a fun-filled honeymoon to the happiest put on Globe: Disney World.

Clad in matching groom and bride mouse ears, the Fuller House celebrity, 54, posted a picture on Saturday of the newlyweds sharing a sweet smooch in front of Cinderella’s castle.

“One week plus they said it wouldn’t last,” he captioned the loved-up snap, before phoning himself the “#happiestmanonearth.”

The 31-year-old model and actress – who’s pregnant using their first child – also celebrated their marriage milestone.

“Perfect way to start our #happilyeverafter,” she wrote, alongside an image of the pair posing before a tower in the recreation area using their celebratory mouse ears. McHugh also let her followers know that there is more with their clothes than might meet up with the eye.

“Is it possible to think who we’re #disneybound -ing as? Hint: I’ve colored the wall space in the tower in the backdrop,” she added, tipping off Disney enthusiasts that the few were outfitted as Flynn and Rapunzel from Disney’s Tangled.

McHugh can be a dynamic Disneybounder, aka a superfan who dresses up in personality at the enjoyment park.

“A perfect way to start our #happilyeverafter Is it possible to guess who we’re #disneybound -ing as? Hint: I’ve coated the wall space in the tower in the backdrop”

McHugh and Stamos tied the knot on Feb 3. at the tiny Brown Chapel in Studio room City, California, a source previously informed PEOPLE. The reception happened at Stamos’ home in Beverly Hillsides.

McHugh wore a white, strapless ballgown with a tulle skirt, while Stamos wore a dark tux. A source informed PEOPLE, “Caitlyn appeared absolutely stunning in a princess dress.”

“They exchanged vows before family and good friends. It had been a very coming in contact with a ceremony. There have been tears but smiles mostly. John and Caitlyn appeared happy.”

After almost 2 yrs of dating, Stamos, 54, proposed on Oct. 22, 2017, at Disneyland.

“The pregnancy happened. I said then, I better have a band on her behalf finger because it’s the right move to make, and I needed to marry her anyhow, ” Stamos informed PEOPLE specifically in Dec. “THEREFORE I called her parents to ask, and it was like, ‘You better!’”

Before popping the relevant question, Stamos screened a short film that he made of romantic occasions from animated Pixar and Disney films, ending the display with THE TINY Mermaid – which encouraged him to “just ask the lady.”

“I asked…she said yes! …And we lived ever after happily????”

“She loves Disneyland with the park, I acquired on my knee and asked her,” Stamos said. “I have drawn the band out. I don’t understand how she achieved it, but she visited hug me and slipped her finger right in it. When the recreation area shut, we ran around the park inside our Disney onesies.”

The pair first met while filming a bout of Law & Order: SVU in 2011, but it wasn’t exactly loving initially sight.

“I played a man who was simply so egotistical that he thought he should pass on his progeny, so he previously likes 60 kids or something. He was poking openings in condoms and stuff. And Caitlin, ironically, was one of the girls which I was wanting to fool and also have an infant with,” Stamos described. “That was in the past. She is at another relationship. And we just fulfilled backup again. Her roommate was with a bout of Fuller House, therefore she is at the audience. I strolled in, I proceeded to go, ‘Hey, are you stalking me?’ She was like, ‘No…’ That’s why I really like her. She’s like, ‘What? No. I haven’t considered you double.’”

With the marriage now in it, the newlyweds will gear up for his or her next major role – as parents. Stamos said that he and McHugh “discussed” expecting before, and then everything just dropped into place.

“We’ve the same morals and the same ideals, that clicked nicely. So we said, ‘Oh, well, maybe we ought to have a family group,’ ” Stamos said.

McHugh suggested, “‘Maybe we have to have a youngster before we get married’ and I said, ‘Why?’ ” Stamos recalled, revealing she responded jokingly, “Because you’re old.”

The couple is overjoyed to be increasing their family – though they’re keeping mum on the baby’s sex for the present time – with Stamos admitting that he “always wished to be a father” but wasn’t sure it is at the cards as yet.

“I’ll be considered a fun father. I’ve been training for a long period,” Stamos said, joking, “I’ve done every schtick you are able to do with an infant on Television … all the pieces and jokes and diaper gags. I’ll probably just do everything stuff.”

McHugh described her new spouse as “the largest, most caring and nice center of anyone I understand.”

“I greatly admire his originality, creativeness, ambition, work ethic and laughter – all characteristics I’m sure he’ll move right down to his child,” McHugh said. “He’s been wonderful with kids, and I’m sure he’ll be an incredible dad.”