Jennifer Aniston opens up

Jennifer Aniston opens up on bad relationships with her mother

Jennifer Aniston opens up on bad relationships with her mother: ‘I just wanted to be loved by my mother’

Jennifer Aniston has always had a strained relationship with his mother, the former model and beauty queen Nancy Dow.

“I was not the model child she had hoped for,” explains the 49-year-old “Friends” star to Daily Telegraph.

Jennifer Aniston opens up the relationship with her mother in connection with her new role in the movie ‘Dumpin’.

According to Jennifer Aniston, the role was easy to play because she could mirror her own relationship with her mother who died in 2016.

“She (the mother) was a model and everything was about appearance, how she looked and how I looked,” remembers the star.

Aniston has also previously opened up about the relationship with her mother, whom she never felt has accepted her.

“She was very critical. She criticized me a lot. Because she was a model she was beautiful, amazing. I was not. I never was. Frankly, I still do not see myself in the light, and that’s fine, “she told the Hollywood Reporter back in 2015.

The mother, according to Aniston, whose father is John Aniston, who was playing in the soap opera ‘Days of Our Lives’, had difficulty in forgiving, and she carried a night.

Something like the Friends star found petty.

The two were also not talking when Nancy Dow died in 2016 as a 79-year-old, yet Jennifer Aniston met up to her mother’s funeral.

Mother and daughter had not spoken together since Nancy Dow got a stroke in 2011. But before that, their relationship was already around on some crashes.

The relationship started to creak back in 1999 when Jennifer Aniston released the self-biography ‘From Mother and Daughter to Friends: A Memoir’.

They were reportedly so unhappy that the mother was not invited when Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston got married in 2000.

However, they scored the scores, although they did not meet each other very often to the mother’s stroke in 2011.

From 2011 to mother’s death, they apparently did not see each other. However, Jennifer Aniston paid her mother’s many medical bills.

When her mother died in 2016 she found out that she apparently had written the daughter out of her will.

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