Charlize Theron is a single mother

Hollywood star is single mom

Hollywood star is single mother: ‘I do not know how much longer I can handle it’

Actress Charlize Theron is the single mother of two adoptive children, and it is overwhelming and has its cost, the actress tells, plays a mother suffering from a birth depression in a new movie.

“I was so happy because I had a little child. But after a while, I was completely out of myself. You are so tired that you do not even realize it. ”

This is what follows from 42-year-old actress Charlize Theron, single mother of two adoptive children when BT meets the South African actress and photo model in Los Angeles on the occasion of the new movie Tully, where she plays a woman suffering from a birth depression.

So hard hit, Charlize Theron has not been herself, but in this interview, she tells her that she has doubts whether she could keep herself in the role of single mom.

In 2012, she got the boy Jackson while the girl August arrived in 2015. When she got Jackson, she was completely overwhelmed to keep him alive:

“You just think,” I really hope I’m doing it right. “You’re sterilizing everything – even your shoes before you enter the house. You go really far because you are so overwhelmed that you are thinking of killing – and it’s terrible to say, but I think everyone who becomes parents the first time gets so little … ”

When she got her second child, she was not nearly as fussy as her first. But she was still overwhelmed to have an infant crying all night long. She sat in her bathroom several times at night and thought she was getting insane.

“There were several nights where they just would not stop crying and there’s nothing you can do. You just have to be patient and the sound can drive one to madness. I thought I do not know how much longer I can handle it. ”

Charlize Theron, known for his very gloomy humor, made two rules. Number one was: ‘Do not kill them’ and number two was: ‘Do not make them into assholes’. Rule number two meant her seriously.

“I do not want to raise two spoiled kids!” She says.

In her time she chose to have children without having a boyfriend.

“I knew I did not want my night’s sleep for the first three months, so I adjusted my life after that.”

Here several years later, it still requires her woman to have children:

“I had two children in my bed last night – one was terribly ill and I had to lay on a small corner without a duvet so I froze,” says Charlize Theron, who says she’s “terribly working” without her night’s sleep.

Prior to the movie Tully, where Charlize Theron plays a mother of three who is affected by a birth depression, she researches with people close to her.

“I have several girlfriends who have had birth defects, and when I made this movie, I had a lot of empathy with them. There are not many who understand what they are experiencing. It’s quite serious and it’s very sad, “says Charlize Theron.

She adds:

“I have girlfriends who have been pregnant and there is a hell to the body. They experienced traumatic births, and I can not imagine how it must be to live through it and so take care of his child every two hours. ”

Charlize Theron formed the last couple with the 15-year-old colleague Sean Penn, but their relationship lasted only one and a half years, and they broke apart in the summer of 2015.

“It seems more like hard work,” says Charlize Theron in a relationship.

“I tend to go for men who require a lot of work. So I think I have to change it before I find a new boyfriend. I have to change my taste. ”

You have previously mentioned that it’s not easy to be a single mom and find a boyfriend. Still struggling?

“I had no interest whatsoever in finding a boyfriend for the first two years after I had children. It was not an inner struggle. It was just the way I had it: My brain and my body were just a hundred percent happy to be a mother. It changes after the second year, and my youngest is now filling three, so now I’m not busy with diapers anymore, and it’s not the main focus of my life, and I’m so happy about that, “says Charlize Theron.


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