KIm Kardashian's topless photo

Did Kim Kardashian’s 4-year-old daugther, North West, take her topless photo?

If you are one of Kim Kardashian’s 107 million Instagram followers, then you may have noticed a new revealing picture that was a tad different from the rest.

Everybody knows that Kim Kardashian is a mom of three.

Kanye and Kim – or Kimye, for the followers say – are parents to North Western, Saint Western world, and Chicago Western.

Last week, Kim posted a picture with her eldest daughter, North, who’s 4 years of age.

And it gets the entire internet flipping more than a metaphorical table.

The picture – which, initially, appears like your average near-nude picture of Kim Kardashian – was actually taken by little oldĀ North West.

“Photo by North,” wrote Kim in the caption.

North is there in the part, capturing her mom as Kim gets rid of her bra.

To place it mildly: Folks are LIVID.

A number of individuals were SUPER bothered by the idea of North capturing a sexy picture of her mother, particularly when the goal of said picture is to attract likes on interpersonal media.

Individually, I’m just weirded away by how this moment transpired.

Like, do Kim ASK North to have a pic while she removed her bra? Was North already playing with the camera and the picture was an ACCIDENT?

And if the second option is true, then HOW TF can this 4-year-old take better pictures than me personally?

Not everyone thought Kim was the Worst type of MOTHER EVER, though.

Because, contrary to popular belief, there are actually a few quiet and perceptive people within the dark well of Instagram feedback – like several, max.

Anyway, those individuals didn’t visit a problem with Kim changing before her daughter. In the end, Kim GAVE Delivery to North.

But how about Kim using her child to market her own sexuality on sociable media?

Of all first, everyone must chill on the theory that Kim expressing her sexuality is in some way wrong because she’s a mom.

Once y’all overcome that, then it certainly comes down to the: Will taking near-nude photos of her mother psychologically impact North over time?

And are our anatomies really that offensive and damaging to your children?

What to think about…

I’ll say this: Can we PLEASE stop pretending like Kim Kardashian doesn’t know Just what she’s doing?
I don’t brain hashing out the latest Kardashian episode (After all, I don’t possess a choice, but nonetheless!) so long as we quit performing like these exact things aren’t intentionally posted to produce internet buzz.

Reminding ourselves of this the next time might put the complete “concern” in better perspective.